WAO Wanaka

WAO is a charitable trust dedicated to educating, inspiring and enabling New Zealand communities to accelerate beyond sustainability towards a thriving future. Based in the Southern Lakes region, WAO look to inspire, educate and enable communities to look towards the opportunities created by this transition and help to shape a future that looks towards not just a sustainable future, but one where people give back more than they take.

Each year the WAO Summit is one of the trust's main events, providing an annual check-in for the community to see how they are tracking towards the vision. The 2021 Summit will focus on the cross-pollination of ideas and how people can collaboratively build more resilient communities.

How we helped

Staff at EAS lead lead a series of workshops at the WAO Summit 2021 focused on building capacity in greenhouse gas accounting. The workshops were designed to ensure that participants are informed and motivated to make reductions after the events.

We designed the workshops into two phases:

Phase 1: Work with a motivated small group of leading environmental tourism businesses from Wanaka to develop greenhouse gas footprints for their businesses so they each ‘Know their Number’. With this information a business specific Reduction Action Plan was developed based on Science Based Targets.

Phase 2: Engage cross sector businesses and individuals during the summit week in a series of targeted workshops, bringing the Phase 1 Leaders experiences to each of these workshops in a peer-to-peer learning environment.

What Difference did we make?

EAS created an environment where small business owners have the tools and knowledge to make realistic and meaningful changes in their operations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The structure of the workshops provided a collaborative space where local small to medium businesses could discuss the possibilities of informing visitors to the tourist town of Wanaka of their impact from their visit and to provide opportunities to influence the local environment in a positive way. It is hoped that his information and the actions of Wanaka businesses will travel home with visitors and catalyse change in their home communities.

Visit WAO Wanaka for action and collaboration on climate change mitigation in the Wanaka community.