WAI Wanaka

WAI Wānaka’s vision is to safeguard and enhance water quality, ecosystem function and biodiversity within the Upper Clutha basin.

Moving at pace, WAI Wānaka aims to connect the many individuals, community groups, iwi, landowners and businesses undertaking positive work towards building healthy ecosystems and supporting community wellbeing.

Taking a whole-of-basin approach, WAI encourage and facilitate science (including planning, research and monitoring), community action and educational projects and programmes relating to these purposes.

WAI Wānaka has received funding from Sustainable Business Network and the Ministry for Primary Industries to deliver measurable benefits for the environment alongside providing much-needed local employment. Part of this program was to help landholders in the Upper Clutha Basin to estimate farm greenhouse gas emissions.

How we helped

EAS trained WAI Wānaka staff on the technical elements of greenhouse gas accounting in the agriculture sector and but that in context of the emerging sector regulation being proposed by He Waka Eka Noa . WAI Wānaka staff were then prepared to reach out to the agriculture sector as extension staff to support the landholders to develop a farm greenhouse gas figure. We also developed reporting templates and FAQs material to help with the communication and capacity building of landholders in the region.

What Difference did we make?

With our support, WAI Wānaka staff have made great progress towards all landholders in the Upper Clutha Basin to estimate their greenhouse gas emissions. As a result, landholders in the District know more about the greenhouse gas impact of their businesses and can start to explore and understand the options they have available to meet the National Governments proposed reduction targets for the sector. People are starting to ask the hard questions on Agriculture and climate change mitigation in the District. These questions start the move towards change.