Ski Areas Association of New Zealand

Made up of representatives from commercial and club ski fields across New Zealand, SAANZ’s sustainability group, approached EAS well aware of the impacts that climate change can have on the future of the ski and snow-sports industry; an industry so intrinsically linked to weather, nature and the environment.

How we helped

In preparation for the 2021 Winter Ski Season, EAS supported the Ski Area Association of New Zealand (SAANZ) to create a greenhouse gas inventory calculator which will allow them to estimate their environmental impact as an organization for the first time.

Following the guidance of the GHG Protocol, ISO standard for Organizational Greenhouse Gas Accounting 14064:1 and guidance from the Ministry of Environment of New Zealand, SAANZ’s and EAS carried out workshops to establish their organizational boundaries and emissions activities (known as scopes) which were common across the organization and will be accounted for in the inventory.

With the emissions producing activities defined, EAS created a bespoke calculator tool which will allow individual ski fields in enter their input data, such as the total kWh of electricity purchased and litres of diesel fuel burnt, in order to calculate their total emissions across a year.

What Difference did we make?

The calculator tool was distributed to SAANZ’s members across the country to be used for the 2021 Winter Season to allow ski fields across New Zealand to calculate their greenhouse gas emissions for the first time. Once the data is collected for this first baseline year, EAS will support the individual ski fields to understand their emissions profiles and provide technical guidance and recommendations for ways to reduce their emissions and impact on the climate.

This guidance can include technical solutions for energy efficiency improvements, options for offsetting emissions and progression to independent environmental verification.

SAANZ hope that our collaborative work in this field will help to inform and inspire their staff, patrons and the wider local and snowsports communities to work together to operate sustainably and reduce their industry’s impact on our environment.